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Newsletter 2018 - Happy New Year from IdeaLEVER Solutions

Thank you all so much for an outstanding year with us at ideaLEVER Solutions

We wish you, your families and friends the very best in what the upcoming new year has to offer!

Our Website Specialists would also like to remind you that should you need a hand with managing your SiteCM or CommerceCM driven websites in the new year, we are here for your support.


We are quick to offer assistance, deployment advice, tips and tricks on using our many Drop-In applications and other tools to achieve complex layout tasks, and more!


Plus, Support is free as part of our service commitment to you!


PS.. You can also use Zendesk Chat within your site manager's too for quick advice or questions.

Why not contact us today?


Our next series of free webinars are being released the second week of
January, 2018

Our webinars are quick and FREE 30 minute online training sessions that focus on using some of the basic and more advanced features of your website's content management system, so you can feel confident in managing your websites.

We hope to turn every user into a Super User!

Remember to bookmark this page: SiteCM Webinars

And to check back regularly for new updates!

From all of us at ideaLEVER Solutions - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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