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 Highlights: Not just for hair anymore!

In talking with clients, we have realized that a great many of them have no idea how their site is performing or if anyone is even visiting.  We always recommend using Google Analytics but once it is setup many customers don't check regularly, are overwhelmed by information when they do, or forget about it all together.  As part of our Online Marketing Solutions, we offer Google Analytics consulting to help you analyse all that lovely data and can setup custom reporting to make it easier to get the information you need but what if you just want the basic highlights?  Well, starting next week we are testing exactly that for select SiteCM customers.  The Highlights email is a weekly email covering a few basic Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) pulled from your web logs.  It compares week over week, highlights trends, and lets you know your most popular pages, what was updated most recently and who last logged into your site.  Sound interesting?  If you would like to be part of this trial, drop us a line and we will hook it up.

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