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3rd Party Widgets & Performance

I have blogged before about building trust and leveraging social media to help promote your site, but after a brief hiccup today for some of our clients, I thought I should warn site owners about some risks associated with all of the buttons, badges and gizmos you load to your site. Many trust marks, live chat, social media toolbars, weather conditions, Google gadgets, Facebook apps and other popular features are pulled in from 3rd party servers.  This is great.  They frequenly give you...

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Canadian Online Statistics

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada were released today and demonstrate just how wide spread Internet use is in Canada.  Across the country 80% of people 16 and over used the Internet for personal reasons with BC & Alberta at 85% and Calgary and Saskatoon leading the way with 89% of residents online. If you break the numbers down by income 94% of households in the top quartile of income (More than $85,000 per year) use the Internet.  96% of users go online from home and of those, 92%...

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Building Trust = Increasing Conversion

This is a continuation of my post last month on required content and carries on the theme of building trust with your shoppers.  Increased trust means increased sales.  Building trust isn't something that The Gap or Amazon need to worry about, but for the rest of us, we have to work hard to convince people that have never heard of us to spend their hard earned money on our great products. Basic details like a toll free number, an address, and a return policy all help, but more and more sites...

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Required Content

Many merchants focus on their catalogs and ignore the additional content that their sites require to build trust with their customers and increase their conversion rates. Below is my list of pages and content that every eCommerce site should have. 1) Contact Us: Include a local and Toll Free number, hours, email and if possible an address.  If you are a home based business and don't want someone showing up or Google Streetviewing your front porch, then include a box number at your local post...

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