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Regional Pricing

Most merchants sell products for the same price on the web as they do in stores, but in a meeting today I was caught off guard by an enquiry about regional pricing.  It struck me as odd so I had to learn more. The issue is realted to the size of the products that the merchant sells and the vast size of Canada.  There is a good reason that a large & bulky item sells for a higher price in Prince George, BC than in Vancouver, BC.  Prior to the web, a shopper in PG would not think twice about...

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Avoiding the race to the bottom

The problem with competing on price is that only one company ever has the lowest price.  You can cut and cut and cut your prices but in the end you are playing chicken with your competition.  One of you will blink and the other will be left with incredibly thin margins and only one point of differentiation. The challenge with eCommerce though is that the Internet is a price shoppers dream.  Price comparison sites and smartphones give rise to showrooming so what is a retailer to do? I met with...

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Zappos Canada: Get Serious!

I should know better than to start a post at 4:53 pm after a long day, but I am going to throw caution to the wind because I just clicked a link on to visit their Canadian counterpart and I am steaming mad.  The only good thing is that it gives me an excellent example of how NOT to enter a new market. Get serious Zappos! Canadians have style and taste and shop on the same Internet as you Americans. What makes you think that just because our population is 10% the...

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