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3rd Party Widgets & Performance

I have blogged before about building trust and leveraging social media to help promote your site, but after a brief hiccup today for some of our clients, I thought I should warn site owners about some risks associated with all of the buttons, badges and gizmos you load to your site. Many trust marks, live chat, social media toolbars, weather conditions, Google gadgets, Facebook apps and other popular features are pulled in from 3rd party servers.  This is great.  They frequenly give you...

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AddThis: Tuning your Social Bookmarking

[caption id="attachment_97" align="alignright" width="150" caption="AddThis is a social bookmarking tool with analytics"] [/caption] All the recent buzz seems to be about social networking and we get lots of calls from our merchants asking what they can do to take advantage of twitter, facebook and all of the other outlets. We have started adding AddThis to our customers product pages.  This is a great little tool that makes it easier for your visitors to quickly click and share the love...

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