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Is Your Website Secure?

Show your visitors that your web site is secure by installing an SSL certificate on your site.

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What Can We Learn from Equifax Hack?

If sloppy housekeeping can result in a trusted brand like Equifax to end up splashed over the wrong kind of headlines, what does this teach us?

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Who looks after the security of your website?

If you are one of our customers, the answer is simple.  We do. A study released by Verizon this week looks at techniques used by hackers to gain access to users computers.  Phishing is a popular technique but once phished, the hackers rely on lazy end users to leave holes in their systems that the hackers can exploit. "Another troubling area singled out in this year’s report is that many existing vulnerabilities remain open, primarily because security patches that have...

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Passwords 101

Initial investigation into the recent hack of celebrity accounts seem to indicate that the perpetrators used a brute force attack with perhaps a bit of social engineering thrown in..  This should be a wake up call for anyone with a digital life and particularly anyone with an eCommerce site. A brute force attack relies on computer repeatedly attempting to login to accounts.  As computers get more powerful they can cycle through tens of thousands of attempts an hour.  Since a shocking number of...

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Introduction to PCI Compliance

I found myself explaining PCI Compliance again the other day and thought I would save time and just blog my response so I have it for next time.  Keep in mind this is a layman's view of PCI and while I do spend 90% of my day dealing with eCommerce merchants and their web sites, I am not, nor have I ever been a PCI Professional. PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry" and it is an international standard.  It is not a legislative requirement that I am aware of but it does align with legislation on...

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Canadian Online Statistics

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada were released today and demonstrate just how wide spread Internet use is in Canada.  Across the country 80% of people 16 and over used the Internet for personal reasons with BC & Alberta at 85% and Calgary and Saskatoon leading the way with 89% of residents online. If you break the numbers down by income 94% of households in the top quartile of income (More than $85,000 per year) use the Internet.  96% of users go online from home and of those, 92%...

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