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Meta Descriptions and Browser Titles - Important for SEO

One of the greatest things about SiteCM is that it provides you with immediate access to metadata for your pages. There is no need to hunt around your website in order to locate these important page properties. They are found within the SiteCM page editor for any page you create.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Another SEO strategy you didn't know about

This is not really a CSS Quick Tip, but a useful piece of information that I had to share with you. Our resellers always surprise me with the thought and care that goes into the long term maintenance of their beautiful sites, and our partner Rees Communications is always pushing the boundaries of what SiteCM can do. This morning I got an email about adding what is called a "schema" to the beautiful SiteCM site: Insight Eye Care . What the heck is a schema? Here is the short-and-sweet...

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Three simple steps on Search Engines and Metatags

Nearly everyone in the web business will have something to say about Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. It is the illusive art of tweaking and modifying your site so that it is indexed and ranked well by the search engines. SEO can cost thousands of dollars if you contract out all the work and truth is...most small business owners don't need a professional they just need a little education and time. SEO goes right into how you create all your products and write every page on your site. Your...

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