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NEW SiteCM Navigation Control: Mega Dropdowns

Late last year our development team worked on a project that had Rob all a twitter. We've been seeing more and more websites with content in their flyout menus. Images, calls to action and the like are placed to one side or the other of a flyout when the visitor hovers over a top level menu item. To do this as a developer or web designer who has full control over layout and code is one thing but to do it in a content managed environment is another. Well we've pulled it off with the use of one of...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: CSS Shorthand

Coming to you a day late because of the funtastic holiday we had here in BC yesterday it is your CSS tip of the Day! When you are handcoding sites it can be a real time saver to learn some CSS shorthand declarations. The most important thing to keep in mind when you use these declarations is that you must ALWAYS define all of the properties in the pre-determined manner. This ensures that your declaration is parsed as expected in a cross browser friendly manner. Today I am going to outline the...

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Make it Usable

A content management system can be a double edged sword.  The same things that make it such a powerful communication tool are the things that can create problems as your content grows.  Empowering staff to easily create and deploy useful content for their customers and prospects is a huge benefit, but over time, the content can get a little bit out of control.  We had my friend Karyn from Analytic Design Group ( ) give us (Rob and two of our local Resellers,...

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