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Is It Time For a Redesign?

If your web site is older than your mobile phone, then it is overdue for a redesign. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often to go between web design updates so here are a few things you might want to consider.

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Mobile e-Commerce Growing Rapidly

PayPal and Ipsos released some new numbers today showing that mobile commerce is growing at a compound rate of 34% compared to traditional ecommerce growing at only 14%.  This is great news for merchants who have already made the jump to responsive web design and is consistent with what we have been seeing across our customers.  A significant portion of traffic and sales is now coming in from mobile shoppers. While the hype is great, it is important to point out that they are reporting that...

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Mobile Conversion Benchmarks

Our merchants frequently ask us how they are doing compared to others so I was happy to find this infographic today from the good folks at that run the eTail conferences.   It is based on a survey of 210 online retailers across a wide range of industries. My only complaint about the data is that 59% of the survey respondents were < $50 Million in online sales which is a heck of a big range!  We know from experience that there is a huge difference between what is possible for...

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Go Mobile

Increase engagement on your web site - Go Mobile The growth of smart phones continues at a breakneck speed and shows no signs of slowing down. Searching the web with a mobile device is expected to surpass desktop search this year. Make your site design mobile friendly so when it is found your visitors can easily navigate the pages and read the content. Local is Important According to Google 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business with a smart phone - 61% called...

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Do I Really Need a Mobile eCommerce Site?

I hear this question a lot from all sorts of merchants and my response is an emphatic YES! Mobile is part of a good omni-channel strategy and the impact can't be measured in actual transactions alone.   Showrooming is a new reality and isn't going away.  It is going to have a huge impact on holiday sales this year and the winners will be the merchants who already have a good mobile strategy in place.  Can customers easily browse your site to check your prices?  Can they see your inventory and...

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Mobile eCommerce site VS Apps

I was talking with a prospect the other day and working on their plans for 2013.  Naturally mobile is at the top of their agenda.  The big question they had is what should we do? Mobile App or Mobile eCommerce? The clear answer for me is: Mobile eCommerce Site Not being an App developer, you might think my answer is self serving however hear me out.  First, I am talking about a solution for a small to medium retailer with under 20 locations.  Apps are expensive, the market is fragmented, and...

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Mobile Commerce and Mobile eCommerce

I keep getting distracted by articles from the payment card industry about what they are calling mobile commerce.  This should more accurately be called Mobile Payments and has nothing to do with your eCommerce site. When the card industry discusses mobile commerce, they are talking about using a tablet or smartphone as a payment device in a physical store.  There are two models of this.  One is Near Field Communications or NFC .  This is like an electronic wallet, so rather than scanning a...

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Are You Ready for the Mobile eCommerce Shift?

Retailers can take heart that they are not alone when it comes to adapting to the explosion of mobile eCommerce.  Google announced it's quarterly results this week and missed analyst expectations, resulting in a sharp drop in their stock price.  Much of the slump is being blamed on the rapidly changing market as more people are switching to mobile devices and smartphones for their web browsing.  The same thing is happening at Facebook, and both Microsoft and chip vendors have seen revenue...

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Showrooming: Changing the retail landscape

Showrooming is the term used when shoppers visit a store to check out merchandise they are going to buy online.  It is a new fact of life for retailers and many are looking for ways to adapt to this new reality.  While much of the discussion has been focused on the "race to the bottom" as customers look for the best price, that is not always the full story. When I check a price online, I have to balance the online deal, with the instant gratification of getting the item today.  I have gotten...

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