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Finance Minister Announces New Credit/Debit Industry Code of Conduct

This is a puzzling one for me. The finance minister Jim Flaherty has announced changes to a new voluntary code of conduct for the credit card industry in Canada.  The message to the industry apparently is "play nice or we will legislate". This seems like a good plan but a story in the Toronto Star  really doesn't get me too excited.    They say that merchants will have "more clout" negotiating fees and which network they choose.   I don't see that as anything new. The big issue in Canada...

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eCommerce Merchant Accounts

Whether you are an established traditional business looking to add eCommerce, or a start up, you need to be able to process credit card payments online.  There are many costs to consider so we always encourage our customers to shop around. Below is a quick primer on what to expect if you are dealing with a traditional merchant provider like Moneris , Global Payments or Chase Paymentech . MOTO Accounts:   Even if you have an existing merchant account for your store, trade show, or...

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PayPal Web Payments Pro in Canada

Last fall PayPal (finally) launched Web Payments Pro for Canadian merchants.  For years it has bothered me that Canadian merchants did not have access to this service and had to pass their customers to PayPal to complete the transactions.  This is fine for small business and hobbiests, but doesn't cut it if you want to look like a professional. We implemented our first WPP site in February of this year for .  They had used PayPal on their previous site and as part of a...

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