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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: Loveable Links

Links are one of those things that are in every website so it is pretty important that you get them right. While I can't take the credit for this trick I can attest to the hours that this tool has saved me in tracking down odd css link related behavior. The trick? A link stack. I don't know if that is what it is really called but that is what I am calling it and here is how it goes. The link and active states can be defined together like so: a:link, a:active{ text-decoration: none;...

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Skype taking over phone numbers

We've had a few clients tell us that phone numbers they enter into their editor are being converted into links when they have Skype installed on their machines. The question is how do you disable it or turn it off? In Internet Explorer Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons > Select Skype Add-ons > move the radio button to disable > OK You may have to restart your browser. In FireFox for Skype Tools->Add Ons-> Extensions > Skype Extensions for...

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