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Web Design Wednesday: how to make graphics for retina screens

With the release of retina displays, such as Apple's new MacBook Pro with retina display, designers have been thrown yet another curve ball with which to keep our designs up to par. Not only do retina graphics exist on mobile and tablet devices but now need to be optimized for desktop computers! I have the great opportunity with ideaLEVER to be able to both design and develop some mobile sites for our clients, and am lucky enough to own an iPhone 4 to test the following example with. If you...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: Good, Better, Best Coding Practice

Recently I worked on a project that involved working with code that I did not write and I have got to say, there is nothing worse than opening up a style sheet that is messy. It is like walking into a friends house when they haven't cleaned it weeks. Yuck. This experience reminded me how important it is that we as developers write tidy, well structured and well commented code. Good coding practice doesn't just save YOU time, it saves us time when maintain YOUR beautiful site. Here at ideaLEVER...

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