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Tables, email clients and images....oh boy.

Any designer who has ever sent their beautifully marked up newsletter to a variety of email clients knows the pain that is email marketing.  Things just don't display quite the same in Gmail and Outlook as they do in a browser window. The industry rule of thumb is to go back to the 90s in terms of your code which means markup should be in tables and inline css. But that doesn't mean that your newsletter has to look like it came out of the 90s. With a few key tips and tricks you can code...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: Content Managed Image Rollovers

Once again our fantastic partners have asked us to push the boundaries of what SiteCM is capable of and today I am excited to bring you pure css user managed content image rollovers. I know I know it's exciting so read on... Pre-requisite: Your client needs to have code snippets in order for this to be user friendly. Otherwise we are asking them to copy and or write their own divs and html and that is just not any fun for the average content user. However if your client does have snippets...

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