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IE6 and the PNG

Once upon a time there was a very old browser that continued to haunt web developers across the globe long after it should have become ancient history... I still design for IE6 deficiencies as of this writing. Internet Explorer is the only browser that I have to check three different versions when I am coding and cutting up a new site.  One of it's limitations that was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with was it's non-support of the transparency in a png file. gifs just no longer cut...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: Loveable Links

Links are one of those things that are in every website so it is pretty important that you get them right. While I can't take the credit for this trick I can attest to the hours that this tool has saved me in tracking down odd css link related behavior. The trick? A link stack. I don't know if that is what it is really called but that is what I am calling it and here is how it goes. The link and active states can be defined together like so: a:link, a:active{ text-decoration: none;...

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