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Clicks Are Just the Beginning

If you are wondering about the benefits of all of the social media posts, and PPC ads you have been running, you will be interested in the report released this week by market research company Mintel . While the headline is that they forecast ad spending in Social Media will surpass $11 billion by 2017, it was the other data that I found more interesting and concrete: 40% of Social Media users were influenced by social when making purchasing decisions. the 18-34 cohort (Millenials/Gen Y)...

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Facebook launches new Timeline layout for Pages

Facebook is at it again this time rolling out a change for the consumer pages. All in all this is a good thing for those of us using a Facebook page to promote our business. Facebook has given users the ability to preview their pages until March 30th when they will all be converted to the new layout. This gives you a chance to play around with your page and get it looking top notch before it is unveiled to the world wide web. Most noteably different is the addition of a large banner to the top...

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Is fCommerce really dead?

Much has been made of late about the decision of some major US retailers to quietly close their Facebook stores and industry watchers have started wandering the Internet, ringing their bells, and calling "Bring out your dead!". Well I don't buy it. Having been in the web business since 1995 I have seen a lot of trends come and go and I believe that Facebook will grow to become a solid sales channel for merchants with a decent strategy.  In the early eCommerce gold rush, many traditional...

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