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NEW SiteCM addition to the Content Rotator Control

The content rotator control is a fabulously flexible application for our SiteCM and CommerceCM users, which has been made evern more awesome with the addition of thumbnail images for the index control we have grown to know and love. [caption id="attachment_473" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The final result of the Richmond Oval New design for the thumbnail based Content Rotator"] [/caption] I have wanted this new variation of my favourite SiteCM control for months when finally one...

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User Controlled Full Page Backgrounds

Would you believe that there is a CMS that lets your user apply a background on a per page basis? Not only that.  It can scale to fit the browser window. Pretty shiny huh? The SiteCM header image control lets your client select an image to use in a predefined area on a per page basis. It has a default value so that if you don't select an image it will fall back to your default.  It also has a 'use parent' value so that all of the child pages will inherit their parents background or header...

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CSS Quick Tip TuesdayLine-Height in Navigation

Hello! Well I took a small departure from ideaLEVER but I am glad to be back and here to share with you some more tips and tricks for your implementations. Over the past few months and implementations I struggled with pixel perfect designs that required a specific height to the navigation. Centering the text vertically within that was dodgy and inconsistent. Enter the line-height property. Normally I avoid defining this property because it can wreak so much havoc over the rest of the site but...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: @font face declarations in 5 easy steps

Seriously it is this easy. Thanks to some great tool kits that are out there and the straight forward setup of SiteCM. Go to Font Squirrel and choose your @font-face font kit. Unpack the kit and view the css file. Copy the @font-face declaration from the top of the css file into the top of styles.css Add the font tag declaring your new font to the body declaration at the top of styles.css like so: body, td, p, li, input, select, textarea {...

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Design is in the Details

I do not consider myself a designer for I have not the chops. There are some amazing and talented designers out there and sadly I am not one of them, my skills simply lie elsewhere. Working with SiteCM and ideaLEVER is exciting because I am part of such a diverse team and get to work with so many different designers. They all have strengths and weaknesses and all bring their unique skill set to the table. I love it. I learn from it. And one thing I have learned is that good design is in the...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: CSS Shorthand

Coming to you a day late because of the funtastic holiday we had here in BC yesterday it is your CSS tip of the Day! When you are handcoding sites it can be a real time saver to learn some CSS shorthand declarations. The most important thing to keep in mind when you use these declarations is that you must ALWAYS define all of the properties in the pre-determined manner. This ensures that your declaration is parsed as expected in a cross browser friendly manner. Today I am going to outline the...

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Using CSS Selectors in SiteCM

CSS is truly a powerful tool to master if you are going to do any advanced web development. When you understand selectors and their relationship to one another you can almost triple the productivity of your code while writing less of it. Recently we gave SiteCM Resellers another tool in their arsenal of designer controls that has to do with the CSS descendant selector. The page class control adds a dynamic selector to your opening div giving you the power of using descendants for virtually every...

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Dealing with Dynamic Content

One of the challenges of the many components that are available to us in SiteCM is choosing when to use which ones and where. The goal is to create a website that is logical and easy for the end client to use. If a designer has a hard time making sense of how it all comes together how can we expect our clients to understand? It should go without saying that with complex design comes complex content management but SiteCM has the ability to make it easy we just have to be smart about it. The...

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Google Calendar in SiteCM

Here is an example of a Google Calendar in a CommerceCM/SiteCM instance

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Getting Classy with CSS

Sometimes I get really excited about the things that we develop around here. The things that make me the most excited are when I can reduce the amount of code I have to write and files I have to use while still achieving the same effect. I am all about efficiency. Which is why I love our latest SiteCM designer control. Nearly every implementation that comes my way has a variant for the homepage. This seems to be a pretty widespread trend which in the past resulted in multiple templates for...

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