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It All Starts With Traffic

You aren't going to sell anything or get any leads if you don't have traffic coming to your web site. Check out Rob's Top 5 DIY Tips for growing your site traffic.

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Back to School for your Web Site

Back to School isn't just for kids. Success means learning something new every day. We have always been big believers in helping our customers gain the knowledge they need to succeed so here are our top 4 ideas for going Back to (Web) School.

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Understanding the Value of Web Marketing: Attribution

Google Analytics has a great report that will help you determine the true value of your investment if you know where to find it and how it works.

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Do you have what it takes?

In Formula One racing, you don't show up at the start line with a fancy car and no gas in the tank.  When I meet with e-commerce prospects I ask three key questions 1) How many unique visitors do you get in an average month? 2) What is your average sale (or what do you anticipate)? 3) What is your sales goal on a yearly basis? Then I crunch the numbers to do a reality check. I assume a conversion ratio of 2% to determine how many sales they can expect to have with current traffic. Why 2%?...

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Clicks Are Just the Beginning

If you are wondering about the benefits of all of the social media posts, and PPC ads you have been running, you will be interested in the report released this week by market research company Mintel . While the headline is that they forecast ad spending in Social Media will surpass $11 billion by 2017, it was the other data that I found more interesting and concrete: 40% of Social Media users were influenced by social when making purchasing decisions. the 18-34 cohort (Millenials/Gen Y)...

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PPC PT2: Further Adventure

This is the second in what I expect will be recurring series about managing your PPC campaigns. Networks: I have continued to prune our list of automatic placements in Networks with pretty good results.  Over all, I have reduced our spend by about 1/3 saving us thousands of dollars a year.  I have discovered that this is an on going chore but now that I have the worst offenders out of the way I should be able to reduce this to no more than 15 minutes of review and updating a week. In the...

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PPC Advertising: Less is sometimes more

I have had a bit of a "practice what you preach" time over the last few days and I thought I would share. As a consultant, I always tell our customers to PAY ATTENTION to where they are spending their marketing money and MEASURE their ROI.   As a boutique company, much of the PPC advertising falls to me.  I check our accounts every few days and make sure there is room on my credit card when the payments come due.  I have been doing it pretty much like this since, oh, the industry was invented...

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