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Mobile e-Commerce Growing Rapidly

PayPal and Ipsos released some new numbers today showing that mobile commerce is growing at a compound rate of 34% compared to traditional ecommerce growing at only 14%.  This is great news for merchants who have already made the jump to responsive web design and is consistent with what we have been seeing across our customers.  A significant portion of traffic and sales is now coming in from mobile shoppers. While the hype is great, it is important to point out that they are reporting that...

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Staples Closing Stores as B2B Sales Move Online

Big box stalwart Staples announced today that they are closing 140 stores in the US & Canada as they focus on online sales and adjust their product mix as sales of traditional items fall.  This comes on the heels of venerable Canadian office supply company Grand & Toy closing all of their retail locations earlier this year to focus on online and traditional mail order. The shrinking of Staples can be looked at as part of the general decline of big box retailers when faced with low...

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Improving eCommerce Performance

One of the things we really work on is making sure that CommerceCM is as fast as possible so I was excited to download a new State of the Union report from Radware about eCommerce Page Speed & Web Performance and learn how our customers compare. This report looks at the top 100 eCommerce sites and how they perform.  While we don't have any Top 100 customers (yet) I was very pleased to see that we kick some serious butt compared to many of these much larger operations!  While the target...

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E-Commerce in Canada Infographic

I actually spent Canada on a bicycle enjoying the beauty this great country has to offer and I am grateful to the kind folks at search optimization company Nextopia for producing this great infographic and saving me the time!      

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Do I Really Need a Mobile eCommerce Site?

I hear this question a lot from all sorts of merchants and my response is an emphatic YES! Mobile is part of a good omni-channel strategy and the impact can't be measured in actual transactions alone.   Showrooming is a new reality and isn't going away.  It is going to have a huge impact on holiday sales this year and the winners will be the merchants who already have a good mobile strategy in place.  Can customers easily browse your site to check your prices?  Can they see your inventory and...

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Canadian Online Statistics

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada were released today and demonstrate just how wide spread Internet use is in Canada.  Across the country 80% of people 16 and over used the Internet for personal reasons with BC & Alberta at 85% and Calgary and Saskatoon leading the way with 89% of residents online. If you break the numbers down by income 94% of households in the top quartile of income (More than $85,000 per year) use the Internet.  96% of users go online from home and of those, 92%...

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Canada's Online Population

This morning brought yet another example of why we need this site to share knowledge about Canadian eCommerce.  My ClickZ newsletter had a link to a story about Active Home Internet Users by Country.  No Canada.  The listed Switzerland though.  All 3.7 Million of them!  There are more that that in Canada but we don't make the list.  It is not their fault I suppose. They are just spreading the word about a report from Nielsen Online  but it just reinforces that information on Canadian...

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