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Do I Really Need a Mobile eCommerce Site?

I hear this question a lot from all sorts of merchants and my response is an emphatic YES! Mobile is part of a good omni-channel strategy and the impact can't be measured in actual transactions alone.   Showrooming is a new reality and isn't going away.  It is going to have a huge impact on holiday sales this year and the winners will be the merchants who already have a good mobile strategy in place.  Can customers easily browse your site to check your prices?  Can they see your inventory and...

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Shopping Portals

One of our merchants was considering using a PPC shopping portal but was not sure what to expect or how to measure the results. Shopping portals allow shoppers to search for specific products and return listings from multiple merchants including product images & pricing.  Shoppers can compare prices and if they click through to your store, you pay a variable fee.  Some use a bidding model like Google Ad Words, others charge by product category, others by the price of your products.  Some of...

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PPC Advertising: Less is sometimes more

I have had a bit of a "practice what you preach" time over the last few days and I thought I would share. As a consultant, I always tell our customers to PAY ATTENTION to where they are spending their marketing money and MEASURE their ROI.   As a boutique company, much of the PPC advertising falls to me.  I check our accounts every few days and make sure there is room on my credit card when the payments come due.  I have been doing it pretty much like this since, oh, the industry was invented...

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