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Increase engagement on your web site - Go Mobile The growth of smart phones continues at a breakneck speed and shows no signs of slowing down. Searching the web with a mobile device is expected to surpass desktop search this year. Make your site design mobile friendly so when it is found your visitors can easily navigate the pages and read the content. Local is Important According to Google 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business with a smart phone - 61% called...

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NEW SiteCM addition to the Content Rotator Control

The content rotator control is a fabulously flexible application for our SiteCM and CommerceCM users, which has been made evern more awesome with the addition of thumbnail images for the index control we have grown to know and love. [caption id="attachment_473" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The final result of the Richmond Oval New design for the thumbnail based Content Rotator"] [/caption] I have wanted this new variation of my favourite SiteCM control for months when finally one...

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CSS Quick Tip Tuesday: Content Managed Image Rollovers

Once again our fantastic partners have asked us to push the boundaries of what SiteCM is capable of and today I am excited to bring you pure css user managed content image rollovers. I know I know it's exciting so read on... Pre-requisite: Your client needs to have code snippets in order for this to be user friendly. Otherwise we are asking them to copy and or write their own divs and html and that is just not any fun for the average content user. However if your client does have snippets...

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User Controlled Full Page Backgrounds

Would you believe that there is a CMS that lets your user apply a background on a per page basis? Not only that.  It can scale to fit the browser window. Pretty shiny huh? The SiteCM header image control lets your client select an image to use in a predefined area on a per page basis. It has a default value so that if you don't select an image it will fall back to your default.  It also has a 'use parent' value so that all of the child pages will inherit their parents background or header...

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Dealing with Dynamic Content

One of the challenges of the many components that are available to us in SiteCM is choosing when to use which ones and where. The goal is to create a website that is logical and easy for the end client to use. If a designer has a hard time making sense of how it all comes together how can we expect our clients to understand? It should go without saying that with complex design comes complex content management but SiteCM has the ability to make it easy we just have to be smart about it. The...

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SiteCM's built in Image Gallery

Displaying a gallery of  images on your website is becoming more and more popular. With better connections and faster computers downloading a collection of images and viewing them on a page is no longer an event that takes all afternoon. It now happens in a matter of moments. That is why we made sure that all of our SiteCM clients had the ability to do this with relative ease and in a way that allowed them flexibility in the future. Enter the SiteCM Image Gallery dropin application. Using the...

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The Most Awesome SiteCM Component (I think)

There are lots of things to consider when a website gets built. Invariably there is often a time when the topic any web developer who prioritizes accessibility dreads hearing…’Maybe we could add Flash somewhere’. Flash is great and I am not here to knock it because it absolutely does have its applications and place on the web. The thing is that it is ridiculously un-user friendly if you are anything but a near ideal web user; primarily because the average client who can fully operate SiteCM...

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Taming your content with Tables

Getting content on your site to appear just right is not only important to you it is important to your business and the overall appearance of your site. Without knowledge of HTML and CSS many businesses using a CMS are left with living with it as it is or shrugging sub par content layouts as 'good enough'. With the content editor in SiteCM 'good enough' no longer needs to be good enough, now you can get it perfect. SiteCM offers a very powerful tool called the Table Wizard and it is part of...

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