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December Retail Sales Down, eCommerce Up

2016 ended with a slump in retail sales in Canada but online sales continue to grow in real dollars as well as percentage of overall retail sales

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Mobile e-Commerce Growing Rapidly

PayPal and Ipsos released some new numbers today showing that mobile commerce is growing at a compound rate of 34% compared to traditional ecommerce growing at only 14%.  This is great news for merchants who have already made the jump to responsive web design and is consistent with what we have been seeing across our customers.  A significant portion of traffic and sales is now coming in from mobile shoppers. While the hype is great, it is important to point out that they are reporting that...

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Was eCommerce to Blame for Target's Failure in Canada?

Target started on the wrong foot in Canada in many ways and their sudden and untimely exit proves that you are never to big to fail.  I am sure it will be a case study in business schools for decades to come. One of the first missteps was pricing.  The modern shopper takes about 5 seconds to check a price online and with our dollar at par at the time of Target's Canadian launch, it didn't take long for shoppers point out that something wasn't right with Target's "deals" in Canada.  Prices in...

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E-Commerce in Canada Infographic

I actually spent Canada on a bicycle enjoying the beauty this great country has to offer and I am grateful to the kind folks at search optimization company Nextopia for producing this great infographic and saving me the time!      

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The Changing Sales Tax Landscape in Canada

Sales taxes in Canada are getting simpler but many merchants are still caught off guard. Thankfully the Canadian sales tax regime is simpler than in the US, but it still needs planning. GST/HST The GST is a federal tax.  As a Canadian merchant, you are obligated to collect GST/HST for any taxable sale made in Canada.   So yes, even if you are in Alberta, you need to collect 13% HST for sales shipped to Ontario.  Merchants also need to stay informed about what is happening in other...

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