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Professionals Generate Leads with SiteCM

SiteCM gives you complete control of your metadata so you can manage your SEO strategy yourself.

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SiteCM Directory: Salmon Arm Museum Photo Archives

SiteCM CMS has a flexible directory that can be used to build a wide variety of cost effective solutions. RJ Haney Museum in Salmon Arm, BC, used it to create a simple, searchable database of photos from their archive.

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SiteCM Content Blocks: Display Your Facebook Page Feed!

Did you know that if your website license supports the use of an Asset called Content Blocks, and you have a Company Facebook Page, you can embed and promote your Facebook Page directly on your website?

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SiteCM Weekly Highlights Email

Do you know how your site is doing? Is anyone visiting? How many people? What do they look at? Now our weekly highlights email will tell you!

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Introducing SiteCM Templates

Templates help keep both your costs and time to launch your site down but also usually require sacrifices. Not anymore! We think the wait was worth it and have developed flexible responsive web templates for SiteCM.

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Go Mobile

Increase engagement on your web site - Go Mobile The growth of smart phones continues at a breakneck speed and shows no signs of slowing down. Searching the web with a mobile device is expected to surpass desktop search this year. Make your site design mobile friendly so when it is found your visitors can easily navigate the pages and read the content. Local is Important According to Google 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business with a smart phone - 61% called...

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NEW SiteCM Navigation Control: Mega Dropdowns

Late last year our development team worked on a project that had Rob all a twitter. We've been seeing more and more websites with content in their flyout menus. Images, calls to action and the like are placed to one side or the other of a flyout when the visitor hovers over a top level menu item. To do this as a developer or web designer who has full control over layout and code is one thing but to do it in a content managed environment is another. Well we've pulled it off with the use of one of...

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Dealing with Dynamic Content

One of the challenges of the many components that are available to us in SiteCM is choosing when to use which ones and where. The goal is to create a website that is logical and easy for the end client to use. If a designer has a hard time making sense of how it all comes together how can we expect our clients to understand? It should go without saying that with complex design comes complex content management but SiteCM has the ability to make it easy we just have to be smart about it. The...

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Building a Dynamic Event Calendar with SiteCM

SiteCM has a lot of great components available to our clients. A really popular one is the events calender; I am often asked how it works and it really is quite simple and easy and exciting to use. The first step would be to create a page in the pages section of the manager that visitors to your site will go to so they can find out all about the wonderful events your organization is holding. On this events page we are going to insert a drop-in application for the events calendar. We'll...

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