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After more than 10 years providing eCommerce software, service, and support to a wide variety of merchants, you would think I would have gotten into the swing of the summer Christmas rush. 

Merchants suddenly wake up to the ticking clock and realise that they need to get busy if they want to launch a new eCommerce site or change platforms before Christmas.  While we have launched a site in as little as 6 weeks (We won't ever do it again mind you.  Long story.) most sites take about 12 to 16 weeks.  Sites we start in May & June launch at the end of the summer which gives merchants a chance to work out their operational kinks and get some marketing rolling in time for the November/December busy season.  In reality though, any sites started in June should see this Christmas as a dry run and aim to build their visits for next Christmas.

The other source of our workload is existing customers who want to make changes for the coming back to school and Christmas season.  They have had time to analyse what worked and what didn't last year and line up their strategy.  Changes made now can be tested to ensure they increase conversion or meet other objectives away from the glare of seasonal shoppers. New blogs are launching, contests are building email lists, and design tweaks are positioning sites for even more growth this Christmas.

Maybe I should get started on my Christmas cards....

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