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I should know better than to start a post at 4:53 pm after a long day, but I am going to throw caution to the wind because I just clicked a link on to visit their Canadian counterpart and I am steaming mad.  The only good thing is that it gives me an excellent example of how NOT to enter a new market.

Get serious Zappos!

Canadians have style and taste and shop on the same Internet as you Americans. What makes you think that just because our population is 10% the size of yours that we will want to shop from something as UGLY and, well, so last century as your Canadian site?!  It's not all igloos and moose up here. 

Sure, Zappos is not the only company with an ugly web site, but most sites I come across that are that ugly are run by someone from their basement.  In fact, we have created better looking sites for people who work from their basement so that is not fair.  If you are not going to make a serious effort don't bother. 

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, being a sovereign nation, we have our own money up here.  If you want to sell to us, at least price your products in Canadian dollars on your Canadian site.

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