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If you are one of our customers, the answer is simple.  We do.

A study released by Verizon this week looks at techniques used by hackers to gain access to users computers.  Phishing is a popular technique but once phished, the hackers rely on lazy end users to leave holes in their systems that the hackers can exploit.

"Another troubling area singled out in this year’s report is that many existing vulnerabilities remain open, primarily because security patches that have long been available were never implemented. In fact, many of the vulnerabilities are traced to 2007 – a gap of almost eight years. "

8 Years?!

We regularly talk to business owners who have suffered one form of hack of their web site or another.  In many cases they chose an open source CMS or blog and were left on their own to look after it.  Not understanding the importance of regular software updates, or not wanting to risk compatibility issues of plug ins, they didn't update their site for years only have someone exploit an old plugin or known security issue and take down their site.  This can and does happen every day to anyone from amateur sports clubs to police departments. Most companies don't end up in the news if someone takes their site for a joyride but it can still be a major disruption.  If Google flags your site for having malware, it can take weeks to get your ranking back which costs you money and can harm your reputation.

With SiteCM and CommerceCM we take security seriously.  We have tightly controlled infrastructure free of random code from unknown developers.  We also have a monthly service schedule where we update all servers for operating system patches.  Every build of our software is tested and we look after applying patches and upgrades as needed so you can sleep easier.  Your job is not to be a system administrator, it is to grow your business.  Our SaaS software makes your site  more secure,  more reliable and easier for you to focus on what you do best.
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