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Are you an early adopter of the Amazon Echo or Google Home? This past holiday season they were advertised regularly on TV and ads popped up on almost every online hi-tech shopping site.

The folks at Google ran a survey to see how consumers were using their new devices. The top reasons are:

  1.  They make multitasking easier.
  2.  They can do things faster than other devices (for example using a keyboard)
  3.  They can get answers and information instantly
  4.  Daily routines are much easier to follow
The device is at the centre of the home.

The virtual assistant is always available for a quick answer to everyone in the household. The most common places they are found are the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen.

Daily routine

Google found that these devices quickly become part of people’s daily routines. Things like finding commute times and setting reminders for things to do or buy. Handwritten notes pasted to fridge door no longer needed.

Engagement with technology

People talk to their devices as if they are talking to another human. “Please”, “thank you” and even “sorry” are often said. The devices are more than an electronic toy. Those surveyed said it was like speaking with a friend.

Opportunities for business

People who own voice activated speakers said they welcome brands. The device is viewed like a friend giving you a recommendation. People want to hear about sales, promotions, personalized tips, information about upcoming events, or finding a store location and hours. Consumers are open to brand messaging as long it isn’t perceived as a hard sell or becomes invasive. It has to be useful information. 

Is it time to get one or do you already have one? Now if only it could tell me where I put the remote.

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