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The United Steelworkers Local 2009 in Langley, BC need to communicate closely with all their members. Their SiteCM web site is the perfect tool to reach them all.


For their sector news we customized SiteCM’s blog component. A content block on the home page features a headline and links to the full article. The blog landing page or in this case their Sector News summary page lists 10 articles per page with summaries so it easy find news of interest. 


Another customizable component used on their site is SiteCM’s Directory component. Their Workplaces, companies where their members are employed, are divided into five sections. Each Workplace is listed with relevant information for members to access. The site administrator can easily update the elements on any of these pages by completing predetermined fields. This maintains the consistent layout and makes it very easy to add more Workplaces.


Finally, since many members are ESL we opted to include the Google Translate function. While not a perfect translation it gives members the ability to select a language they feel more comfortable using.

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