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As 2016 draws to a close we get our top 10 year end lists. Just yesterday I heard the top 10 baby names of 2015 for the USA. Yes 2015; it takes that long to compile this list. Noah was #1 for boys and Emma was #1 for girls In my home province of British Columbia Oliver is #1 for boys and Emma is #1 for girls (…and Wilf was nowhere on either list.)

When it comes to web sites the top domain names in use worldwide as of December 30, 2016 are:
.com 48.4%
.ru 5.1% (Country code for Russia)
.org 4.7%
.net 4.6% 
 .de 3.0% (Germany)
.jp 2.4% (Japan)
.uk 2.0% (United Kingdom)
.br 1.8% (Brazil)
.it 1.4% (Italy)
.pl 1.4% (Poland)

The country code for Canada .ca comes in at #21 and .us the country code for the USA comes in at #44. 

So there you have it. .com still rules the roost when it comes to domain names and the other 2 original top level domains, .org and .net, are in the top 5. 


And if you’re wondering there are now over 1500 top level domain extensions. From .aaa to .zuerich.

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