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I was reading an article in the Globe & Mail today (Virtual shopping for real finds by Amy Verner)  and while there is lots that one could say about the article the thing that jumped out was her reference to Froogle.

Froogle is a shopping comparison price owned by Google.  So what?  Well, Ms Verner recommended using it to compare prices to make sure you are getting a good deal.  Not a bad idea.  What made this stand out for me is that Froogle only lists products that are for sale in USD. (There is a UK version that handles GBP, but that is not as much of an issue for most small merchants)

Froogle has been around for years but has not had much profile in Canada.  If you go to you don't even know Froogle exists.  As awareness of Froogle grows, then more Canadians (online and brick & mortar shoppers) will start to use this site to start their shopping trips. If you are not selling in US dollars, then you can't list your products on Froogle (it is free!) and potential customers will never even know you exist.  You can't make sales if people can't find you even if you have the price (in Canadian $)

This is the same with the other paid shopping comparison sites like or Shopzilla.  The Canadian market is just too small for them to care about.  There are a few small Canadian shopping portals, but I didn't see them mentioned in the article and none spring to mind. 

Success with selling online is all about maximizing your visibility and the size of your market.  Not selling in US dollars greatly reduces your likelihood of selling to Americans and reduces the number of places that Canadian shoppers can find out about you. 

Let me make it clear that I am not advocating only selling in US dollars.  Shoppers want to be able to shop in their own currencies and if you are serious about eCom then you should let them.  ideaLEVER built CommerceCM to support pricing in multiple currencies from a single product catalog and that is the default configuration for all new sites.  Robeez, our most successful licensee actually uses CommerceCM to sell in 3 languages and 7 currencies.  All from a single catalog! 

Selling in more than one currency is a must in this market and it is easy if you have the right tools
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