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There are lots of things to consider when a website gets built. Invariably there is often a time when the topic any web developer who prioritizes accessibility dreads hearing…’Maybe we could add Flash somewhere’.

Flash is great and I am not here to knock it because it absolutely does have its applications and place on the web. The thing is that it is ridiculously un-user friendly if you are anything but a near ideal web user; primarily because the average client who can fully operate SiteCM can’t possibly edit a Flash presentation.

Which likely explains why I am a fan of the Headline Rotator component for SiteCM. Its versatility is practically endless, it looks like Flash and best of all anyone who can use SiteCM can build a headline. Since coming to ideaLEVER it has become my favorite component and I have yet to come across anything else like it out there that is quite as user friendly or works as well.

It’s probably best if I show you:

an example of a headline rotator made of three headlines

This is a headline rotator (or it would be if we were in a SiteCM site so this is just an image of a headline rotator). Actually it is three, placed in a three celled table so they all line up with each other. You can’t see from this static picture that each of these images fades in and out a different (pre-defined) interval which, you have to admit, is pretty neat.

I created one parent category and then three sub categories to hold all of my different headlines. Each picture is its own headline and each category has three headlines in it. You can have as many or as few headlines as you like but you need to have at least two or it won’t actually rotate.

Headline Rotator Drop In Application SettingsOnce I have done all the set up I can go to my page and start inserting my headline rotators. I click on the dropin applications icon in my toolbar and then choose headline rotator. From there I need to decide which category of headlines I want to display and the height and width of the area in which my headline will appear. This does take a little bit of intuition in knowing the size of the text and/or images you put in each headline and how that will fit into the content area of your page.

There are several other options that have to be set and defined one of them being the ability to choose a transition effect. This is unsupported in Firefox but only the effect the headline still rotates just fine. After choosing the direction and speed or rate at which it scrolls click ‘done’ and viola! A little blue box appears on your page. Not very impressive but visit the Save tab and check out your preview. Now your headline displays in all of its flash free glory!

Headline rotators are versatile and flexible. You can add text, images, links and anything you need to get your message across.
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