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A promotion is different than a sale because a promotion has some qualification criteria that the shopper has to meet in order to receive the reward. The classic example is a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer or anything involving a coupon.

Promotions draw shoppers in and can help you increase your average order value. CommerceCM has one of the most sophisticated Promotions managers on the market giving merchants a ton of flexibility so we thought we would break it down to help you understand a few of your options.

Qualification Criteria

Coupon Code: If you do use a coupon, they can be limited to a single use per user and can be auto-generated in large groups to support things like Groupon or even direct mail or email campaigns. If you do not use a coupon, the promotion will automatically be applied to all orders meeting the qualification criteria.

Time Period: Every promotion (or sale for that matter) should have a start and end date to create a sense of urgency. You can tie your marketing campaigns to approaching deadlines.

Shopper Characteristics: This is where things get really interesting with CommerceCM. Promotions can be tied to users based on their currency, or to specific details in their profile including email address, physical address, registration status, and even past purchase behaviour such as total number of orders or amount spent. This is a great way to give regular customers a small discount as a loyalty reward.

Purchase Behaviour: You can tie the promotion to a shopper purchasing a certain value or number of units of all products or specific groups of products.


Prevent users from using already discounted, special purchase, or low margin items to qualify for a promotion. You see this regularly with scratch and save promotions in department stores that don’t apply to tobacco, alcohol, or fragrances.

By default, CommerceCM also prevents users from doubling up promotions or getting discounts on sale items but this can be overridden on a promotion by promotion basis.


CommerceCM supports 4 different types of shopper rewards

  1. Discount on Specific Products: Like the Purchase qualification, a reward can be applied to specific products or groups of products. The discount can be a percentage or a dollar value.
  2. Discount on Order: A simple reward would be a percentage or a dollar discount on a qualifying purchase.
  3. Discount on Shipping: Again, another percentage or dollar value discount applied to shipping.
  4. Gift With Purchase: CommerceCM can add a specific SKU to the shoppers basket when they qualify so that your fulfillment team doesn’t have to remember to include it and you can track inventory appropriately.

Do you have a promotion that you want to run that you don’t see here? Leave a comment or contact us.

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