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Getting content on your site to appear just right is not only important to you it is important to your business and the overall appearance of your site. Without knowledge of HTML and CSS many businesses using a CMS are left with living with it as it is or shrugging sub par content layouts as 'good enough'. With the content editor in SiteCM 'good enough' no longer needs to be good enough, now you can get it perfect.

SiteCM offers a very powerful tool called the Table Wizard and it is part of the content editors within SiteCM. Creating, building and editing tables becomes simple and easy once you have familiarized yourself with the tools and terminology. There are two important areas of the SiteCM content editor that you will need to become comfortable with; the table toolbar and the properties inspector.

SiteCM Table Editing ToolbarThis is a blown up image of the toolbar located in the top right of the content editor. Some of the simpler editors will have simpler versions of this toolbar but they all have the 'Insert Table' icon and the 'Set table properties' icons and these are your most powerful.

There is something to be said for creating a 6 celled table and then merging rows, adding rows, deleting and merging columns. Playing around with a table before you have content in it can save you a ton of headache and frustration later if you delete your content by accident when trying to merge a cell!

SiteCM Properties Inspector

The image above is of a greyed out table with the properties inspector highlighted below it to give you an idea of where in the editor is is located. Which ever element is selected in the properties inspector is the element that will have that particular formatting applied to it. TD is a table column and TR is a table row. Clicking on any of the elements will allow you to edit the properties for that element. For example if we wanted to make sure that our table took up only 50% of the content area I would click on the TABLE element and then key '50%' and press enter into the width input box.

The general idea behind merging cells is that you can have all of your content appear where you need it to appear. For example the other day I needed to build a table that displayed three logos and some text in the middle of all of them. The result was a 6 celled table; two rows, three columns the top row had all of its columns merged into one. A logo went in the top cell and layed over top of the two other logos which were along the sides and the content in the center cell in the bottom row.

SiteCM Table ExampleDon't worry here is a picture:
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