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A number of clients that have domains registered with us have recently received emails that are branded with Tucows our supplier of domain names. The emails include bogus "From" and "Reply-To"email addresses. If you have your domain registered with another registrar you may have received a similarly branded notification. These fraudulent emails claim that your domain has been suspended and directs you to click a link. DON’T DO IT!

I got the email for one of our domains. It says that the Tucows Spam and Abuse Department has sent me “multiple warnings” and that they tried to call me as well. Well apparently I didn’t respond to the emails (never got any) nor did I answer the phone (no one called) so my domain was now suspended. NOT THE CASE! NOT SUSPENDED!

A few red flags went up immediately as I read the email.

  1. Tucows’ office is in Toronto. The phone number has an area code from Phoenix, Arizona. Took me 3 seconds on Google to figure this one out.

  2. When I hovered my mouse over the link I was to click on the destination was not Tucows. Took me 1 second to do this.

I could have researched it further but this was enough information for me. DELETE!!

Stay vigilant regarding your email. Do not click on or respond to anything that has the slightest smell of “phish” on it.

  1. Do not click any links.

  2. Do not reply to the email.

  3. Do not call any phone number.

If in doubt, give us a call. Happy to help.

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