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Big box stalwart Staples announced today that they are closing 140 stores in the US & Canada as they focus on online sales and adjust their product mix as sales of traditional items fall.  This comes on the heels of venerable Canadian office supply company Grand & Toy closing all of their retail locations earlier this year to focus on online and traditional mail order.

The shrinking of Staples can be looked at as part of the general decline of big box retailers when faced with low cost online competitors, but it can also be looked at as part of a general trend of business to business (B2B) sales moving online.  A recent study found that If given the option to buy a product online, 88% of B2B purchasers would prefer to use eCommerce.  When this result is considered along with the fact that B2B sales are roughly double the B2C sales stats that get all of the media attention, it is clear that a dramatic shift is taking place in B2B purchasing.  This creates fantastic opportunities for manufacturers and other companies supplying other business to get on board with eCommerce.

Check out the compelling data in Victor's infographic.

B2B eCommerce Opportunities are growing



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