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When you are in an office that deals in languages that are not widely spoken and are, in relative terms, in their infancy often times you wind up creating words to explain what the application (web page) is doing.  I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the terms that made me chuckle to myself during the discussions that went on recently in the office with the latest round of SiteCM upgrades.

  1. cacheability - how cacheable a given piece of content or page is. How easy it is to add that information to your browsers cache so that it is remembered next time you visit it.

  2. ajaxified -  a Web application modified to use Ajax.
    Which, without getting too technical, makes your pages do cool stuff without refreshing the page.

  3. she's hung - seemingly an oxy moron; however this is referring to the lovely Internet Explorer and its ability to hang indefinitely forcing us and our clients to close their browser windows.
    Best part about this one: I haven't heard it since the latest launch of SiteCM.  Big thanks to our amazing programming department!

Perhaps you have to be up on the 'jargon' as it were to find these things amusing or then again maybe not. Made up words are easy to spot because they sound off just enough to make you think to yourself, huh?
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