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Our most recent SiteCM CMS build was rolled out for all customers in March and while much of the recent focus has been more behind the scenes focusing on performance and technical upgrades, we did launch a few new features that we wanted to draw your attention to.

Live Chat Support:  If you have logged in recently you may have noticed the "Chat With Us" button at the lower right of your browser window.  That will connect you to the support team if they are available so you can get support without picking up the phone.  If they aren't available you can use the same button to leave a message.

Bulk Image Upload with Drag & Drop:  Michael has been advocating for this for quite some time and after working on our own website update for the SiteCM CMS website over the last little while, I am glad we finally got to this.  The most important thing to keep in mind when using Drag & Drop is that you do not get a chance to set your alt text and other image data.  Everything is set to use the file name instead.  Also, when loading images with drag and drop, they all go into the same category.  

Blog Updates:  After collecting feedback from early adopters we updated how the blog functions with a few technical tweaks for better SEO and to give the designers a few more bits of information to work with.

  • XML SiteMap for Google
  • Automatic 301 generation if you change file names for posts
  • Support for Drop-In Controls & Snippets 
  • Feature checkbox to pin the post to the top of your blog category landing pages
  • New sort control with: Most Popular (by views), Most Comments, Featured, or by Dated (date is default)

Responsive Event Calendar:  Responsive sites have been limited to using the List View of the events calendar for the last while.  The latest version includes a responsive grid version that scales nicely for tablet and mobile users.  

We already have the next build underway with more exciting updates to make SiteCM even easier to use and more flexible.  

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