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If your SiteCM website license supports the use of Content Blocks it just takes a few minutes to embed and promote your Facebook Page directly on your website.

Here's how:

1. Navigate to:

2. Enter your Facebook page address (URL) into the Facebook Page URL field.

3. Decide on a friendly width and height (in pixels) for your Facebook Feed. We recommend 250-300px in width, and 500px in height for a strong visual appearance.

4. As you complete the properties of your Facebook Feed, you'll find its end result visually displayed to you. If you like what you see, hit the GET CODE button.

When the Popup Frame opens containing the Embed code for your Facebook Feed, you'll also see two tabs. Choose the Iframe tab, and copy the entire embed code block provided.

Now that you have your embed code for your Facebook Feed, its time to place that code into a content block for use on your website.

1. Navigate to Assets & Content Blocks, within your SiteCM manager.

2. Add a new content block. Give it an appropriate name, like "Facebook Feed Code", "My Facebook Page". You can also place this new content block into a category, to keep you website content blocks nice and organized.

3. Edit the Contents of your new Content Block, by clicking the EDIT button for it on the Content Block Editor tab.

4. Once the editor window for your content block displays, click on the <> HTML link, found at the bottom of the window itself, below the Content Block's content area.

5. Paste your Facebook Feed embed code you copied from the Facebook developer's page, provided above, into the HTML based content area of the Content Block.

6. You're almost there.. close your content block using the Close button &

7. Update your content block using the Update button.

The last step is to insert your new Content Block as a Drop-In Application onto the page where you would like your Facebook Feed to display. This is entirely up to you! Remember to save and launch your page once you have inserted the content block, to publish your changes to the page itself. 

You're done - you should now see your Facebook Feed displayed on your website!

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