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We thought long and hard about creating a blog component for SiteCM.  "Why should we bother when there is already an 800 lb gorilla in the market used by millions of people and supported by hundreds of thousands of developers?"

idealever-solutions-800lb-blogging-gorilla.jpgFor the last few years we have helped our SiteCM CMS clients who wanted a blog to setup WordPress sites on a sub-domain so they could do their content marketing.  After dealing with hacked plugins, constant code updates, plugin/build compatibility issues, and numerous other problems, we realized that open source is both the strength and weakness of WordPress.  Our clients kept asking us for a blog solution that had the same security, reliability, and support as we provided with SiteCM.   Once we understood what the weaknesses were, we realized we could do it better.

With our new SiteCM blog component you can do everything you need for your blogging and content marketing.  We don't have 10,000 plugins and we never will.   We do have training, toll free support, reliability, and security.  We think it is pretty good trade off.  And to make it easy to switch, we can also import your existing Worpress content including categories, images, comments, & tags.

Why do I need a Blog?

Blogging is increasingly important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing.  A blog provides the search engines with relevant and timely content to index.  It allows you to give updates on topics specific to your industry, and it can help to establish your organization as a thought leader.  One key difference between your web site and your blog is that the website generally has a more professional voice with much more specific and planned content. Your unique selling proposition, benefits, features, and skills don't change every week.  The blog can be a bit more casual and can talk about related topics rather than just what your business is about.  Our blog includes information on eCommerce, web statistics, and marketing tips to help our customers grow and prosper.

New Interface

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.00.16 AM.png

We also used the Blog development process as a way to experiment with a new interface for SiteCM as well.  It is our first step in re-imagining what a content management system should be.  It makes much better use of larger screens and gives site Administrators control over many settings that we used to keep hidden for our implementation team. We are gathering feedback and beginning to move forward with rolling out the new interface across SiteCM in the coming months.

Want to add a Blog to your SiteCM site?  Need to learn more about web marketing?



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