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The office is all a twitter lately with testing for the new version of SiteCM.
3.5 fixes lots of those little annoyances that I have learned to cope with but still drive me crazy. Things like the IE7 inserting an image at the top of the page instead of where your cursor was or Firefox adding a tag under the paragraph tag every time you press return.

The insert drop-in pop-up window was getting a little cluttered what will all the fancy new drop-in controls we've added lately so that has been tidied up into categories and a show/hide list. Also we have perfected, extensively tested and added every feature we could think of to many of the new drop-in controls.

Implementation and templates are about to get a whole lot easier too. That great new page class control that I add to almost every site is now going to be built in. Much of the header information is going to be added on the fly so that we developers can't accidentally 'break' our templates by deleting a tag.

And these are just the things I've heard about! I'm a little out of the loop on such things as I work in a different department.
We are still a while away from launching probably before summer. I am really excited to see it all come together.
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