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Wow!  What  a night!

Hats of to Dave, Derek, and Rick who pulled off a significant upgrade to SiteCM last night.  I was really impressed with the launch plan and the code went out with no outages.  This was our first release of SiteCM since our datacentre upgrades so there were more machines to upgrade and lots of testing at every step.  We also made some pretty significant changes to the underlying DLL's so it was not without risk.  I bailed at 1 am this morning once we knew things were going well.  I am sure everyone that experiences the speed improvements (Firefox ROCKS!) will be just as grateful as I am.

There are a few sites that have custom components that were left on 3.0.17 because of an overabundance of caution.  These will be upgraded and tested individually after the long weekend.  The best way to tell if a site is still on the old version is go to the login screen. If the CM Version is 3.0.17, they are on the old version.

Don't hesitate to call support if you have any questions.
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