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With most web traffic now coming on mobile devices, site speed is critical to the success of your site.

SiteCM and CommerceCM have both been built with an eye for performance and technically do quite well.  We are constantly looking at more opportunities to improve the performance of our systems from a technical and implementation perspective, but performance goes well beyond that. We need your help.

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The smaller your files are, the faster your site will load

When creating images for your site, make sure you compress them as much as you can.  Compression is done by software that reduces the information stored about your image by removing insignificant data.  Remove enough insignificant data and you get a smaller file size.  SiteCM allows you to resize images, and to help with performance the system creates a new and smaller image of the size you specify but we have intentionally avoided any aggressive compression.  Too much compression and your images can become blurry, develop artifacts or pixelation as visible image information is removed to shrink the file size.  We feel it is best to leave the fine tuning in your hands rather than making arbitrary decisions.

For best results we recommend that you create appropriately sized images and compress them before loading them to your web site.  Most computers come with simple tools to resize images these days but good compression is harder to come by.  Both Photoshop and Gimp allow you to set the amount of compression you want to use.  Different images can handle different levels of compression so experiment to learn what works. 

If you don't have image editing software, we recommend to compress JPG and PNG files.    It does not give you as much control as a more complex program but it is as easy as dragging and dropping your image, then downloading the compressed result.  We have seen a reduction of file size by as much as 80% with no visible degradation of quality.

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Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 11:21PM
I am using this website to reduce my image/png/jpef/gif for speedup my webpage loading .its working easily without loss image quality. i think you should try it once.

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