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One of our merchants was considering using a PPC shopping portal but was not sure what to expect or how to measure the results.

Shopping portals allow shoppers to search for specific products and return listings from multiple merchants including product images & pricing.  Shoppers can compare prices and if they click through to your store, you pay a variable fee.  Some use a bidding model like Google Ad Words, others charge by product category, others by the price of your products.  Some of the big ones in the US are Google Shopping, and

Since one of our other CommerceCM merchants was already using the Canadian portal, I jumped over to Google Analytics and analysed their results.  They were easy to see by simply searching the Traffic Sources> Referrals report for "shoptoit" and using the "Ecommerce" view.

  • Visits Generated: 1.11% of total visits

  • Revenue: 3.38% of total revenue

  • Transactions: 4.08% of total

  • avg value: -17.12% compared to average.  This makes sense because the shopping portal users are likely price sensitive.

  • Conversion rate: 268% of site average (WOW!!)

  • Per visit value: $3.53 which is 205% of the site average.

 So, people coming to her site are ready to buy and are converting at significantly better rates.  The per visit value indicates to me that this is worth the investment.  Her average cost per click (visit) is about $0.50 which is 14% of the per visit value.  Naturally the strategy is to get those customers onto her email list and market the heck out of them so they return directly next time.
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