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istock_000004956913xsmallWhile my last blog post was about all the new generic top-level domains that are coming on stream this post covers a new and mandatory rule regarding all domain names – Registrant Validation.

First the horror story – your domain will be disabled if you don’t verify your domain name when asked.

Now the solution – it is an easy one click process.

When you register a new domain name, transfer an existing one or update contact information for a domain the current owner will receive a verification email. In the email will be the link to the page where you verify your domain. You have 15 days to click on this link. If you don’t your domain will be suspended. What does suspended mean? In technical terms, the DNS will be interrupted and this prevents the domain from resolving to the web site content. This is an automated process that all registrars, as mandated by ICANN, now have in place.

If your domain is registered with ideaLEVER the verification email will have as the subject line the following:

“VERIFICATION REQUIRED – Please verify your domain name as soon as possible”

If might be different if your domain is registered elsewhere but all registrars are required to send this out. As always watch out for scammers and phishers. They are already making the rounds. The important thing is don’t ignore the request to verify your domain but make sure your verification email isn’t a phishing expedition. When in doubt contact your domain registrar via an email address you trust.

The domain name staff at ideaLEVER receive an updated spreadsheet each morning of domains that are “to be verified”. If we see that you have not verified your domain name we will phone, email, bang the drums and shout from the hills to get your attention and help you through this process.

If your 15 day verification window passes all is not lost. It can be fixed. But let’s not get ourselves in this situation. Don’t delay, open the email, click the link and verify as soon as you get the email. And don’t forget to check your spam/junk mail folder.

What Should I Do Now?

Ensure that your domain name has up to date contact information. Almost all contact regarding your domain name is done via email so keep your domain contact information current. You can check your domain name details at or If it needs updating contact your domain registrar who is listed on the page or contact Wilf or Rick at or call 888-374-0906. Wilf is at extension 202 and Rick at 203.

We don’t invent the rules. We simply follow them.

For further reading about the WhoIs Accuracy Program
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