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Shoeless Joe's design by 3 Degrees West

Sandy and Karley at 3 Degrees West launched their latest SiteCM CMS site last night for Shoeless Joe's, a chain of 30 + restaurants in Ontario.  I am always amazed at how they keep pushing SiteCM and making it fit their designs and vision rather than the other way around.  That is the way a CMS should work for a designer and we are proud that they are a SiteCM Reseller.

All that is beside the point though.

There were some tense moments last night after the DNS changes were made.  Like many of our larger clients Shoeless has an IT support team who manages their email and other services.  Our usual technique is to change the IP address for the A and WWW records to point to our web servers after the end of business.  As the DNS changes propagate, some users will see the old site, and some will see the new site.  Not a big deal when we are not moving email services and this is something we do every week for new customers.  This distributed control and propagation delay is actually a really good thing and part of what makes the Internet so robust.  Within a few hours eventually all the DNS servers refresh and everyone sees the new web site. Somewhere the wires got crossed though and for a few hours, some users trying to access Shoeless Joe's got the web site of the ISP.  Not good.

While we were not involved with the DNS changes, every hiccup like this gives me new material to add to our checklist and customer plans so we can make sure it doesn't happen again.  In the end, the issue resolved pretty quickly (after taking a few years off our lives because of the stress) and Shoeless Joe's team is happy with the great work from 3 Degrees West.  So are we for that matter!
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