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A long time client of ours noticed an increase in incomplete transactions in her Moneris gateway recently.  When she followed up with them she discovered that the issue was related to Visa Debit cards.

In a card not-present environment (i.e. e-commerce), a Visa Debit card acts as a VISA card however the Visa Debit card plan must be accepted as a payment type in conjunction with the Visa Credit card plan.

If the card plan is not added, the transaction will be declined, citing an error of “CARD TYPE NOT ALLOWED”. Once the card plan is been added, any Visa Debit transactions processed will simply appear as VISA transactions.
Nothing is required to accept Visa Debit other than having the merchant add add the Visa Debit card plan to the merchants profile. It does not need to be offered as a separate payment option, as it will just process as a VISA card.

Many merchants who got new accounts in the last couple of years likely are already setup to accept the cards but if your account predates the widespread introduction of these you will have to check.  Contact your payment provider or check your virtual terminal to find out if their profile is setup to accept these cards.  It is our understanding from Moneris that there are no additional charges from them for accepting the cards.
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