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The content rotator control is a fabulously flexible application for our SiteCM and CommerceCM users, which has been made evern more awesome with the addition of thumbnail images for the index control we have grown to know and love.

[caption id="attachment_473" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The final result of the Richmond Oval New design for the thumbnail based Content Rotator"]The final result of the Richmond Oval New design fore the thumbnail based Content Rotator[/caption]

I have wanted this new variation of my favourite SiteCM control for months when finally one of our clients, richmond oval, who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what SiteCM can do asked if the same thing was possible. And our development team made it happen! Richmond Oval previously added the mega drop down navigation to their site, and our development team was challenged this week to come up with a manageable solution for the content block to use associated images for the index control, as well as the addition of previous and next buttons to scroll through the content blocks. The result is an extremely visually appealing, flexible, and easy to use content rotator design.

By placing all your images used for your content rotator in their own category, you can use SiteCM to associate a single image to a content block of your choice. Meaning, you can use the images found in your content block, or you can upload new images, to use as your thumbnails. The thumbnail width can be dynamically set in the drop in control options, as well as the standard timing controls. When there are more blocks to preview than allows in the design, the thumbnails will seem to disapear to the left to show more thumbnails, mimicking sort of a carousel effect.

I think we will be seeing this trend continue in the incredible designs I see being used for our SiteCM clients, and I am excited to sart using it as well!
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