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A few months ago Google started rolling out mobile-first indexing. This means that the mobile version of your site is Google’s starting point for what is included in their index and is the baseline for how ranking is determined. 

Google will still rank sites that don’t have a mobile version but the lack of a mobile-friendly experience can have a negative impact, and a site with a better mobile experience will potentially get a rankings boost for searchers on all devices. The Smartphone Googlebot will come around more often and the cached versions of pages will usually be the mobile version.

With the growth of smart phones over the past few years users are looking for web sites that provide a great experience. If you don’t like zooming in/out, scrolling left and right, trying to tap on that small navigation button using your smart phone just think what your customers are experiencing if your site isn’t mobile friendly. 

Keep in mind…

  • Mobile indexing is rolling out more broadly.
  • Mobile friendly content is ranked higher in mobile search results.
  • Fast loading content on mobile devices is a better experience for your customers

Ranking uses many factors but why take a chance with your online business when mobile device use is so high. Give us a call today and let’s review your mobile strategy.

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