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I keep getting distracted by articles from the payment card industry about what they are calling mobile commerce.  This should more accurately be called Mobile Payments and has nothing to do with your eCommerce site.

When the card industry discusses mobile commerce, they are talking about using a tablet or smartphone as a payment device in a physical store.  There are two models of this.  One is Near Field Communications or NFC.  This is like an electronic wallet, so rather than scanning a credit card, you tap your phone to a reader to pay.  The wallet app that your phone uses is tied to your credit card.  The other model is a mobile point of sale system.   The retailer can equip their staff with credit card readers attached to smartphones or tablets so they can process transactions from anywhere rather than lining up at a counter.

25% of consumers engage in eCommerce only on mobile.In our world, Mobile eCommerce is about optimizing your eCommerce website to make it easy for shoppers to make a purchase no matter how they are accessing your site.  There are now more people accessing the Internet with smartphones than were using the Internet when Amazon was launched.  This is a trend that can't be ignored.

CommerceCM can make your site Responsive or Adaptive simplifying the interface so it is easier to use with fingers on a small touch screen. We also tend to reduce the total file size of mobile pages so it loads quickly no matter what network they are using.


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