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You have worked hard at optimizing your site for Google and your site is now showing up in the top 10 on your key words. Congratulations! A terrific accomplishment! The next challenge is to get users who are presented with your listing (along with 9 others in the search return) to actually click and visit your site.

Clicking through to a site doesn’t always happen and a main reason could be an ineffective Meta Description. This is what Google extracts from your site and presents in the search return. What you need is a short, clear description or summary of what the visitor can expect should they click through to your site.

This is may be your only chance to persuade someone to visit your site. Here are some suggestions that might help you get not only more click-throughs but click-throughs that will bring you business.

1. Include your most relevant keywords in your description. Google bolds keywords in the description that matches search queries. Your listing will stand out.
2. Keep your description clear and appealing.
3. Write a unique meta description for each page of your site. Google will return an internal page if it includes the searchers keywords.
4. Google indexes only 160 characters of your meta description. Anything longer will get cut off. Look like a pro; keep it under 160 characters.
5. With SiteCM you can manage your meta description.
6. When you update your page content review your meta description. It may need to be updated as well.

Your Meta description does not factor into Google’s search algorithms so it will not help determine your ranking on a search return, but it is your big chance and maybe your only chance to persuade someone to visit your site.
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