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One of the unique features of SiteCM CMS is our built in Membership component.  This lets site owners setup access controlled areas of their site only visible to people who have the proper credentials.  Members can be added to different groups with access to different content.  This is how one customer uses our Membership component for B2B sales.

The Company

Kanata Adventure Specialists provides travel agents world-wide with exciting trips for their customers. Their goal is to put vacationers in touch with “the real Canada in authentic and meaningful ways”. They offer travelers the rugged beauty of the Great White North with a focus on British Columbia, the Rockies, the Yukon and even into Alaska!

The Challenge

Since they sell exclusively to travel agents, mostly in Europe, they needed a login section on their site to present trip details – destinations, itineraries, wholesale pricing, tour dates, maps, downloadable files, etc. To gain access a travel agent submits a completed request access form. Each request is vetted to ensure a clean database of qualified travel agents.  Each travel agent has a unique login so it is easy to track analytics.

Once the travel agent has access it is very easy for them to review all available excursions and go over trip details with their clients. If the traveler is interested a booking can be initiated. Additional information can also be requested directly from each excursion page. 

The Solution

Kanata uses SiteCM’s membership component to make their process happen. The membership component is available in two configurations: multi login and single login. Kanata uses the multi login which gives each member a separate login. This configuration can also be used by organizations that require logins by groups – managers, staff, selected clients, directors, volunteers, etc. 

The single login configuration gives all members access to the same information.

Need Help?

Are you looking for an Extranet for staff to access company information? Will your board of directors benefit by having online access to agendas and meeting minutes? Or, like Kanata, is your product eyes only for your clients? Give us a call with your challenges and we will help you bring them online.

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